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1895 Photography Amanda Sorge Edmonton Alberta Canada Wedding Engagement and Lifestyle Photographer
hello there! my name is


As a child before I could read, I would pick up a National Geographic magazine and spend hours flipping pages and admiring the photographs. At the time, I didn’t know that photography would later become a passion for me.

At an early age, I held my first camera in my hands; the kind where you had to take the film to the store to get it developed, and it was love at first click. I was able to take and complete 5 courses, specializing in photography at both the Canadian Photography Learning Centre and the Burwell School of Photography in Edmonton, Alberta. With a lot of practice since then, this Edmonton photographer has recently had her wedding photographs featured on and published in the 2016 winter Bridal Fantasy Magazine

In addition, I am a featured vendor on – 1895photography and a vendor in Blush Magazine

Why 1895 Photography?

I get this question a lot 😉

When I was coming up with my business name, I was very aware my last name was difficult to pronounce. It’s actually pronounced sore-gee. I wanted a name that was easy to remember, pronounce, and somehow included an essence of my family.

I have a super cool double agent spy from World War 2 in my family lineage. Richard Sorge Check him out – he’s a pretty neat fella. His birth year was 1895. After a bit of red wine, which is where all of my good ideas come from – lol, I decided it would be the base for my company.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta and now living in Leduc, I am pleased to offer my professional onsite photography services including engagement photography, wedding photography, boudoir photography, and lifestyle photography to Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Thanks for stopping by!

Amanda Sorge <3

p.s. Thank you Ashley Legg at First Glance Studios for the beautiful headshot. She’s amazing – you should definitely admire her work.

1895 Photography Amanda Sorge Edmonton Alberta Canada Wedding Engagement and Lifestyle Photographer Same Sex

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1895 Photography Amanda Sorge Edmonton Alberta Canada Wedding, Engagement, Boudoir, Maternity Photographer